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Busiest Shopping Days: Avoid if You Hate Crowds At All Costs!

As the holiday season approaches, shopping becomes an inevitable part of the festivities. But if you're not a fan of crowded malls and long checkout lines, there are certain days you might want to avoid. Here’s a rundown of the busiest shopping days:

Friday, November 24 – Black Friday: Known for its unbeatable deals, Black Friday is notorious for attracting massive crowds.

Saturday, December 23 – Super Saturday: The last Saturday before Christmas sees a surge of last-minute shoppers.

Saturday, December 16 – Third Saturday in December: Another busy day as people rush to wrap up their holiday shopping.

Friday, December 22 – Friday before Christmas: Just before the big day, shoppers are out in full force, picking up last-minute gifts.

Saturday, November 25 – Saturday after Black Friday: Continues the shopping frenzy with weekend deals and discounts.

Tuesday, December 26 – Boxing Day: Known for post-Christmas sales, this day draws crowds looking for bargains.

Saturday, December 9 – Second Saturday in December: A popular day for holiday shopping as people begin to finalize their gift lists.

Saturday, December 2 – First Saturday in December: The start of the holiday shopping season with many stores offering early discounts.

Saturday, December 30 – Saturday after Christmas: Shoppers return gifts and take advantage of end-of-year sales.

Sunday, December 17 – Sunday before Christmas Eve: Last-minute shopping and preparations for Christmas lead to crowded stores.

If crowded shopping spaces are not your cup of tea, consider doing your holiday shopping early or opting for online purchases.

Happy stress-free shopping!

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