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#DATING: Non-Monogamous Daters Are Leveling Up and Excelling!

We are three months into 2023 and this year’s hottest dating terms have been well established. Traditional daters have guides to explain the well defined terms they can use or expect to come across in the dating realm, but what about those who don’t date in a traditional manner? Luckily, Ashley Madison, the world’s leading married dating site,[1] has it covered and has released its fourth annual Discreet Dictionary, a comprehensive glossary of non-monogamous dating terms.

Ashley Madison’s annual list of dating terms is created for people practicing non-monogamy disclosed or otherwise. The new terms will serve a variety of people from those who are established non-monogamous daters to those who are piquing, or just can’t shake their newfound interest in non-monogamy.

 “This year’s annual discreet dictionary is designed to provide non-monogamous daters with new and fun dating terms that apply to their unique relationship styles,” says Isabella Mise, Senior Director of Communications for Ashley Madison. “Whether you’re stepping out of your comfort zone to explore non-monogamy for the first time or you’ve been practicing non-monogamy for a while, these terms can be useful.”

 The full list includes 15 new and timely terms for non-monogamous daters who are either openly dating multiple people, carrying out a discreet affair, or simply pushing past the existing boundaries of traditional monogamy.

 1.    Piquing - The inability to shake a newfound interest in non-monogamy

2.    Excelling - To use a spreadsheet to organize and vet potential outside partners

3.    Double Dipping - To go back to a one-night stand

4.    Bi-ghostal - Describes a person who regularly ghosts their long-distance partners

5.    Meta-bonding - To create loving bonds with more than one person

6.    Leveling Up - To move from one stage of non-monogamy to the next (e.g. swinging to open marriage to polyamory)

7.    Double Clicking - To look up a potential connection before meeting in person

8.    Outsourcing - To seek emotional, sexual, and/or romantic fulfillment from someone other than a primary partner

9.    Going Rogue - Specific to those in open relationships; to look for or meet up with an outside partner the primary partner doesn't know about

10. Sampling - To try new kinks

11. Gathering - To search for and find a non-monogamous community

12. Radius - A network of romantic connections that spans a long distance

13. Monogamy Flex - The ability to have successful monogamous and non-monogamous relationships

14. Branching Out - To try non-monogamy for the first time

15. Multiplayer - Someone who is exclusively non-monogamous

In its Next Generation of Non-Monogamy report, Ashley Madison found that while monogamy has been the gold standard of relationships for centuries, the traditional dating structure doesn’t suit everyone, especially in the long term. So as relationships continue to form, we can expect to see more people branching out, meta-bonding, and leveling up.

What do you think of these terms? What do you think of "Leveling UP" and moving into the world of polyamorous relationships? Fire away in the comments below or, feel free to send a voice-note via the TALK BACK MIC!

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