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#CHRISTMAS: Last minute gifts to give a chronic procrastinator!

Merry Christmas!

I've been working remotely from my parent's house in Corpus Christi, Texas, while waiting for Santa to come and while I've been somewhat busy working on this or that, I've also been working in SOME Christmas shopping... and while it's Christmas Eve and I'm still not done, I thought I'd give you a quick list of some gifts you can't go wrong with giving to someone... because we chronic procrastinators need to stick together, ya know?

So, here are some ideas to consider... many of which can be delivered electronically!

1) Southwest Airlines (or any airline) gift cards. Travel is back, and it's going to be back even bigger in the new world of whatever life is as we live through this COVID stuff. It's the gift which makes travel cheaper, and will be a great part of a journey for someone who likes to get out there and move about the world.

2) COVID RAPID TEST KITS. I like the BINAX test from ABBOT and the iHealth Antigen test. Perfect stocking stuffers. Great to have on hand. Good for peace of mind. Available on Amazon and at most CVS or Walgreens or other Drug Stores. Masks, too. Those never hurt. Just 'cuz.

3) Grocery Store Gift Cards. HEB. Wegmans. Safeway. Publix. Harris Teeter. Albertsons. Kroger. Randalls. You can't go wrong with this because everyone needs groceries.

4) Amazon Gift Cards. Enough said.

5) Basic Clothing. Socks for tennis shoes. For guys, V-NECK or other white t-shirts which are undershirts. Basics. Can't go wrong with basics in white or black.

6) Getaway House, AirBNB, or other adventure-type Gift Cards. Plant a seed and plan an adventure in 2022. Depending on where you are across the iHeartNation, you can find so many places. Getaway Houses have places from coast to coast. In the MD/VA/WVa/PA region, try Tiny Haven Living. You can't go wrong with an AirBNB gift card. VRBO, too.

7) If you have a bald friend, consider some sort of bald-person's grooming razor/shaver gimmick. Like this. Trust me. Helpful.

8) Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards. You can get anything there for the home, etc. It will get used. You will be thanked. Trust me.

9) Target. Walmart. Costco (if in your area). Everything under one roof. Get one. Give one. Stuff one in a stocking.

10) Any gift card from any drug store. Open 24 hours, including on Christmas. You can find anything at the drug store... even at 9pm on Christmas Eve!

If you have anything to add, message me and let me know... or find me on facebook - and good luck, shoppers! I, too, am on the way out to get my last-minute shopping on, too!

We can do it. Yes. We can.

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