#PARENTING: Daddy-PRIVILEGE... is it a thing???

"Daddy privilege" is a term used when men get praised and extra attention for doing normal parenting duties. A perspective piece was even published in the “Washington Post” about it.

Chloe Sexton shared a recent experience of hers on TikTok where her husband was praised and regarded like a hero for doing a normal everyday thing with their baby. In the video, Chloe explains she’s a baker, so she goes to a wholesale food place to buy big bags of flour with her baby all the time. The one time when her husband did it, everyone came running to help him and offer assistance.

The comment section erupted.

· “The bar is literally on the ground for fathers,” one offered.

· A few other moms began sharing their experiences and other examples of how this happens literally everywhere all the time: “Mum on flight alone with kids… death stares and negative comments. Dad alone on flight with kids… flight attendants falling over each other to help”

Chloe puts it like this: "In my opinion, 'daddy privilege' is that subtle upper hand men side-step into as parents that allows them to gain praise for simply...being a parent.” "Women carry equal and, in some cases, majority breadwinner weight these days,” she adds. “And still are deemed less worthy of parental praise somehow.” Source: Buzzfeed

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