#WORK: The best day - and time - to call in SICK is.... THIS DAY!

Need to burn some SICK DAYS? Really feeling under the weather?

Well, this company came up with the formula for getting a day off work sick!

If you want to get past the boss... the best time to call in sick is EARLY TUESDAY MORNING. Doing so early helps to offset any suspicions. Tuesday is best, because, according to the research, calling out on Monday "screams" you overdid it on the weekend!

Best excuses? Stomach issues. Why? Because you can come back to work the next day at 100 percent and it won't cause any suspicion. If you say "the flu" or "sinus issues" or a "cold" that brings along with it lingering issues... and if you don't have 'em, well, the boss will know you lied. And that can lead to other issues...

Good luck burning that sick time, folks.... we're all counting on you!

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