#COVID: Six-Foot Social Distancing... DOES NOT HELP prevent COVID!

Yeah about that whole SIX FOOT THING...

It doesn't help. Nor does it prevent the COVID and the SCIENCE proves it!

A new study finds the answer to that appears to be a resounding no. Scientists from the University of Cambridge say the social distancing rule of six feet does not protect against catching COVID-19, even outdoors. The team calls the social distancing rule an “arbitrary measurement” of safety in the absence of masks. It could have been set anywhere between three to 10 feet, depending on the risk tolerance of the local public health authority putting out the mandate.

Infected individuals spread the virus through coughing, speaking, and even breathing. People expel larger droplets that eventually settle on surfaces or break into smaller aerosols that may float through the air. The study used computer modelling to quantify how these infectious particles travel. Results show coughs vary widely when it comes to expelling particles.

So what does work? Vaccines, of course.

The Delta variant has proven that, without a vaccine, you’re more likely to die if you catch COVID.

Masks also work, with many studies proving they provide more than 50 percent protection... half, which is better than none, right?

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