#STUDY: 1 In 5 People Used Spy Gear On Their Partner Prior To Divorce!

If people put what they really wanted on wedding registries, there would most likely be a whole lot of spy gear on their Amazon wishlist. It turns out people are spying on their partners more than ever before. And it goes a lot deeper than checking their last social media post.

According to the Maguire Family Law, a whopping one in five of their clients are snooping on their spouses. The firm’s managing director James Maguire says they’re using “tracking devices, dash cams, and are putting spying software on mobile phones.”

Surveillance expert Roger Bescoby says cars are prime targets for hiding these gadgets but the more “unusual” hiding spots have included plush toys, boxes of cereal, and model boats.

It also turns out there is a difference in why the different sexes choose to spy on their boo. Maguire says men are more likely than women to hide surveillance gear and his best guess is it’s because they can’t “accept” their working wives are spending all that time away from them… working.

Women also spy on their partner but it’s more so to protect themselves. Maguire says they hide recording devices to create evidence they can use later to prove domestic abuse.

ht: The Independent

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