On eating lunch... before 10:00 AM...


When I signed up to go back to working in mornings, I didn't realize it was signing up to do overnights... all over again.


I'm writing you right now whilst eating lunch... at just past 10:00 AM.

True story. Thanks to @cookunity, I'm having some Greek lamb patties over some sort of non-rice rice... with tzatziki I added from Cava.

PS - they are not paid sponsors.

Breakfast? For some. For me, it felt right to heat this up at 350 for 20 minutes for lunch.

I guess, when you think about it, it's all about perspective. I liked a TWEET from Emily over on @hot995 radio in DC about wanting to order pizza at 5:00 AM.

I replied... "why not..."

Back when we were going to the studio, I timed my drive to the office based on the DUNKIN shops, the SHEETZ and STARBUCKS which were open 24 hours. Why? Because the strive and grind and hustle... is real. And that little bit of nocturnal normal... means something.

These days... it's different.

We've shuttered - thanks COVID - the places which once were 24 hours. SHEETZ? Yeah it's an hour round trip proposition and it's frankly not worth the commute... and I wish they would plop one near where I live but I get that it's way too expensive.

It's just... a thing.

So, I work ahead. I realize what I want before I want it... order it. Store it. Cook it. Have it ready for the next wakeup... and then, it's good to go. You know, like my Greek Lamb Patties from CookUnity.

At 10:00 AM. On a random Thursday.

Doing mornings... is different in ZERO other ways than working overnights... aside from the fact that, well, maybe, in usual times, we're on right up until you get out of your car to start your day at work...

... but the schedule... is still the same.

Trust me... as someone who once worked overnights. It's about perspective, but if you've never done it... well, frankly, you just don't know it. Nor do you know what it took to get you to where you might be.

Humility. You realize it when you have some lunch... in a major market... at 10am on a Thursday.

I'm going to go back to my Greek lamb patties. I hope you - and your day - are going amazingly well... even if you just woke up.

Good morning...