Grinding, grinding teeth, and the COVID surge causing you... things!

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I read this today when the link came across my Twitter timeline and I replied "YES... HELP..."

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, dentists across the country are seeing a surge in excessive teeth grinding.... or clenching. It's called BRUXISM, and this grinding wears down enamel, resulting in teeth fractures and, in some cases... the LOSS OF TEETH.


I've been feeling the impact of this over the last couple of months. The aches of the jaw muscles. I'm SEEING the wearing-away of my enamel when I brush my teeth in the AM, after lunch and before bed. It's a problem...

If you are feeling this way... if you are grinding... make a call to that dentist or orthodontist in your life and ask what you can do to help push back against this. There are options. After I tweeted about this (@tkradio) earlier, I had several mouth guard 'services' hit me up about non-dentist-necessary-options...

Bottom line... there's nothing good about this grind. So if you are grinding... get some help. And remember your oral health... is a KEY part of your overall health.

Now, back to the grind... of another kind... for me...


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