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Ways to Cut Costs This Thanksgiving

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Host a holiday potluck

Go meatless

Make the most of food scraps

·When prepping your meal, save peels, stems, leaves, and roots to boil into a veggie or turkey-based stock later on.

·Consider using ugly or bruised produce in dishes like stuffing, where no one will notice the aesthetics of your celery and carrots

·Toast up squash or pumpkin seeds to serve as an appetizer.

Opt for a limited menu

Shop ahead and buy in bulk

Pick turkey pieces instead of the whole turkey

Don’t buy new equipment. Borrow from family or neighbors.


Cook from a meal kit

Be strategic about leftovers

·Have bread on hand for turkey sandwiches, a stockpot or slow cooker ready to go to make a stock using the turkey bones, eggs to scramble with leftover veggies, and plastic bags to freeze turkey in if you’d rather just have it on hand after New Year’s. 

·If you know you won’t eat all of your Thanksgiving food, contact neighbors to see if they’d like a plate, or join social media food share groups to see if you can give back to food insecure folks in your area.

·If you’re sending leftovers home with guests, suggest that they bring their own vessels so you’re not out a ton of food storage containers.


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