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Unexpected Health Benefits of Walking

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One day my daughter said she wanted to start walking before camp in the morning. It came out of nowhere to me, but apparently one of her friends at school does it and she wanted to, too. So we've started walking in the morning. It's not always easy for me. We have to get up earlier (yuck!). I have to deal with the twins fighting over which way to go and who is leading and how sad they get if we don't see our neighbors who walk in the morning, too. But I'm getting a lot more steps in than I was before (radio is a sitting job) and it costs nothing to do it. Plus it helps to have someone to walk with. Here are some other benefits:

Walking improves heart health.

Walking lowers stress and improves mood.

Walking reduces depression.

Walking strengthens your joints.

Walking controls your blood sugar.

Walking boosts immune function.

And here are some ways to sneak in extra steps:

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Park further away when running errands
  • Walk around the house while your coffee brews
  • Take a "walking meeting" instead of sitting at your desk
  • Walk around the field during the kids' sports practice


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