Kenny's New music video filmed not too far from the Hudson Valley in MA!

There is some new buzzing about Kenny Chesney's new music video for song "Knowing You" which dropped last Friday March 12th!

Come to find out that the film site was not too far from the Hudson Valley. The music video was shot in Gloucester, Massachusetts!

in the video you can see the jetty and the Eastern Point Lighthouse in Cape Ann. The video does go back and forth between New Engliand and St.Corix in the U.S Virgin Islands. One of thr scenes even has Kenny performing in a local New England bar.

The video was dhot in about four to five days, with only two days in Gloucester MA and the other in St. Corix in the U.S Virgin Islands.

If you haven't had a chance to check this music video out, here is you chance, check it out below:

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