Today's National Days, Sunday Oct 4th!

Today, Sunday Oct 4th, there are 6 different national holidays:

  • National Cinnamon Bun Day
  • National Taco Day
  • National Golf Lover's Day
  • National Vodka Day
  • World Smile Day
  • National GOE Day
  • National Cinnamon Bun Day- You can make some delicious cinnamon buns or visit your favorite coffee shop or bakery. Make sure to, if you post on social media, use the #CinnamonBun Day! A little back history for Cinnamon Bun Day: In the year 1999 the Home Baking Council in Sweden celebrated the 40th anniversary with the first Cinnamon Bun Day. Since the start of that day Cinnamon Bun Day is observed around the world annually on October 4th!
  • National Taco Day- Today isn't Taco Tuesday, at least this year, but it still the perfect time to get tacos or make them at home. There are so many styles and kind of tacos out there. Make sure to look up your favorite Mexican restaurant today or check out some recipes online. National Taco Day start in the year 2009!
  • National Gold Lover's Day- In parts all over the country golfers love to hit the links all year long, expect in the nothern parts as gold course close due to cooler weather. If there are golf courses open near you today get a group of friends together for a few holes. The first U.S. Men’s Open Golf Championship was held on this day in 1895. 
  • National Vodka Day- Mix up one of your favorite cocktails this afternoon, or visit your favorite places to share a drink with friends! Make sure to use the #NationalVodkaDay on your social media today! National Vodka Day has been celebrated since 2009, in which articles and websites have talked about this day as National Vodka day!
  • World Smile Day- Do a random act of kindness for someone.
  • Use a smiley face emoji on every text you send.
  • Spread cheer by handing out smiley face stickers.
  • Give a smile to everyone you come across.
  • Tell someone a funny joke.
  • Play happy songs like “Happy” by Pharrell Williams or “Don’t Worry Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin.

Take a selfie of your own smile and share it on social media with #WorldSmileDay. And whatever you do, have a nice day! A little back history for world smile day from the National Calendar:

"In 1963, Harvey Ball created the familiaryellow smiley face. A commercial artist from Massachusetts, Harvey Ball, created the smiley face design for a State Mutual Life Insurance company campaign. Ball aimed to spread goodwill and cheer throughout the world with his smiley face. Though the years, Ball became concerned his image was becoming too commercialized. In doing so, the original intent of the smiley face was getting lost. However, Ball never copyrighted the design.

To bring back the original meaning of his smiley face, Ball declared the first Friday of October annually would be dedicated to smiles. He called it World Smile Day. Ball died in 2001, and shortly afterward, the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation was founded. Since then, the foundation served as the official sponsor of the happy observance."

  • National GOE Day:
  • Promote webinars incorporating art programs designed for healing.
  • Invite guest artists to share their skills.
  • Create special displays honoring the healing process.
  • Host art classes designed to encourage healing.
  • Organizes seminars offering education and support.
  • You can volunteer or share your story or help someone else heal. A popular way to celebreate this day is by sharing a message on your social media about growth, overcome and empower. Support each our and the community around you!


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