Truck or Treat or Trick or Treat?

I live in a pretty big neighborhood and growing up I used to trick or treat in the neighborhood I live in. When I was younger the neighborhood would get packed with families all out hitting every street, but yesterday it was pretty dead. I know that in our neighbor we are the last street and it doesn't have the greatest lighting but we only got a handful of kids. We were so excited because we were actually going to be able to hand out candy and see all the little ones dressed up but were sadly disappointed.

I did noticed a lot of organizations, rec centers, towns and other groups hosting Trunk or Treats with a lot of families showing up to them before Halloween day. This made me do some research and some of the articles had a few different reasons. One article stated that some parents say trunk or treat offers safety and convenience. Which I can understand the convenience side, especially if Halloween is on a week night. It also has the convenience of not walking door to door and maybe I am old fashion in that I love the idea of walking door to door and checking out the decorations at other houses. But some parents also said that trunk or treats are fun events and they still planned on doing the tradition of going door to door on Halloween.

To me free candy is free candy. I don't have children yet, but when I do maybe we will check out this new family trend of Trunk or Treat, but will still do the traditional Trick or Treating doing door to door.

Trick or Treat!

Photo: Getty Images

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