Alt Mother's Day Songs

First, Happy Mother's Day Weekend to all the moms in the Hudson Valley and beyond.

My mom and I love all kinds of music from country, to alternative, to the 80s & 90s. I found an artical from AP about alternative songs to honor moms this mothers day!

I found a few of my fav songs and here is the full list:

Blowing for Soup - Stacy's Mom

Lucy Dacus- My Mother & I

Good Charlotte- Thank You Mom

Kaina- House

Ozzy- Mama, I'm Coming Home

Panic at the Disco- High Hopes & Hey Look Ma, I Made It

Movements- Vacant Home

Metallica- Mama Said

Twenty One Pilots- House of Gold

St.Vincent- I Prefer Your Love

To see the list with all the details and check out the music videos click HERE


Mother and daughter playing music guitar in basement

Photo: Getty Images

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