Annie & Ryan's Q92 Holiday Concert Series Line Up

Annie & Ryan's Holiday Cocnert Series starts Nov 23rd and goes through Dec 24th. Listen in between 8:00am-8:30am to listen to all the acts. More acts to come!

Annie & Ryan's Holiday Concert Series Line Up:

Nov 30th: Christopher Macchio

Dec 3rd: Tayla Rees

Dec 7th:

Dec 11th: Musical Misses

Dec 14th: Lexy

Dec 15th: Bishop Dunn Student

Dec 16th: Bishop Dunn Student

Dec 17th: Bishop Dunn Student

Dec 18th: Angela Crisci

Dec 21st: Third Rail Offical

Dec 22nd: Brand New Past

Dec 23rd : Highland Chors & Band

Dec 24th: Catie Lambert

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