Hayley Williams Strips Down 'Simmer' For Dreamy Acoustic Performance

On Sunday (August 2), Hayley Williams graced us with her presence and uploaded a stripped down version of her Petals For Armor song “Simmer.”

Taking to her porch equipped with her acoustic guitar (and Alf the dog), Williams gives fans a new take on her first solo debut track. 

“Self-serenade...this song came out 6 hundred years ago, b.c. (corona) but i still love it and it keeps evolving. 'SIMMER'. thanks for listening to me sing to myself all these months,” she wrote on Instagram. “I have really enjoyed sharing lil glimpses into my solitude like this. hope you’re stayin safe and allowing yourself some peace in your own solitude. 🖤 oh yeah, Alf says hello.”

As expected, Williams' voice is pure perfection in the video and the slowed down version of the song is a completely new take on the track and it's exactly the kind of thing that will put a smile on your face. Plus, you won't be able to keep a straight face while watching Alf climb over the outside patio furniture.

“I would very much like for there to be a studio acoustic version that sounds exactly like this,” one fan wrote in the comments while another said, “queen of performing different versions of one song.”

This isn't the first time Williams has stripped down one of her songs, during her weekly “Sunday Sessions” she's uploaded videos of acoustic performances of her solo work including “Leave It Alone.”

In addition to the performance video, the Paramore singer also posted an adorable throwback clip of herself from 1996!

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