New scam targets Greene County residents

From the Greene County Sheriff's Office:

***FRAUD ALERT*** Greene County Sheriff’s Office recently handled a case in which a scam was attempted regarding a subject impersonating a member of GCSO.

The call came from a 518 area code, a police scanner could be heard in the background, and the male caller was very convincing.

He had instructed the would-be victim to go to Price Chopper and get $1000 in eBay gift cards, read him the numbers, and then report to 80 Bridge St. Catskill (former GCSO Jail/ Front office)

Thankfully a Deputy intervened before any information was given to the subject and any monies were lost.

Please do not give any personal information out over the phone unless you are 100% sure who you are talking to and be very mindful about scams involving gift cards.

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