Rash of accidents follows morning snowfall

The first snowfall of the year this morning brought with it a large number of traffic accidents.The first was on County Route 28B in Niverville, where an 86 year old man struck a tree and was pinned in the vehicle.

A multi-vehicle accident, including a rolled over tanker, tied things up on Route 203 in Austerlitz at County Route 9

There were injuries with a crash on Route 66 in Ghent, at Metz Road.

The Accident pictured below may not be weather related, as a car struck a leaf removal truck on Church Street in Chatham.

There were also over a dozen other accidents, that did not involve fire or ambulance.

Remember, when the weather is bad, slow down.

Thank you Chatham Fire Department for the pic. More here: https://www.facebook.com/ChathamFire/

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