Convicted child molester appeals his conviction



District Attorney Paul Czajka announced today that the appeal of Eugene Shackleton was argued before the Appellate Division, Third Department on October 15, 2019. Mr. Shackleton was convicted along with his co-defendants, Goliath Van Alphen, William Wendover, and Jeannine Van Alphen on August 10, 2019 after a jury trial of numerous counts of child sexual abuse including multiple counts of Predatory Sexual Assault against a Child.

The trial lasted twelve (12) days before Honorable Richard M. Koweek. District Attorney Paul Czajka prosecuted the case and called the child victims, each of whom was under eleven (11) years of age at the time of the abuse as witnesses. The jury of nine (9) women and three (3) men announced their verdict after deliberating for approximately five (5) hours. Hon. Richard M. Koweek sentenced Shackleton to a prison term of seventy-one (71) years to life on October 24, 2016. The other co-defendants received sentences as follows: Goliath Van Alphen, 124 1/3 years to life, William Wendover, 60 ½ years to life and Jeannine Van Alphen, 50 years to life.

The Appellate Division had previously affirmed the conviction and sentence of Jeannine Van Alphen. The appeals of the other co-defendants are pending.

Chief Assistant James Carlucci argued the appeal for the District Attorney’s office. The appeal of Mr. Shackleton was argued by Salvatore Adamo, Esq. A decision is expected in approximately six weeks.

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