Press release on last weekend's forest fire in Greene County

Press release from New York. They made no mention of the Greene County fire companies that were involved.

Windham-Blackhead Wilderness Area

Greene County


On Sept. 27, smoke was seen coming from the top of Blackhead Mountain. Forest Rangers Katharine Fox, Christine Nelson, Hannah O’Connor, and Dylan McCartney responded to the location.

After a two-mile hike to the top of the mountain, Rangers discovered that an unattended campfire had spread into the woods near a cliff on the mountain.

Forest Rangers spent the night working the fire and were able to contain it. On Sept. 28, a NYSP Aviation unit with Forest Ranger Kevin Slade aboard provided water bucket drops on the fire. Forest Rangers Robert Dawson, Melissa Milano, and Russell Martin relieved the overnight crew and the fire was declared called out on Sept. 29.

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