Two Columbia County bridges are on top 25 worst list

The list is out of the top 25 worst bridges in the Hudson Valley, and Columbia County has two on the list, including number 1

The bridge at number 1 in Hudson has been closed for several years. The Ferry Street bridge over Amtrak.

The bridge at number 11 though has traffic crossing it every day. Route 23, over the Taconic Parkway in Claverack.

Source. Federal Highway Administration National Bridge Inventory.

Thirteen percent (329 of 2,551) of locally and state maintained bridges in the Hudson Valley area - which includes Columbia, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Ulster and Westchester Counties - are rated as poor/structurally deficient. Bridges rated poor/structurally deficient may be posted for lower weight limits or closed if their condition warrants such action.

1 Bridges in the Hudson Valley area that are poor/structurally deficient carry approximately 2.6 million vehicles each day.

2 Sixty-four percent (1,634 of 2,551) of locally and state maintained bridges in the Hudson Valley area have been rated in fair condition.

3 A fair rating indicates that a bridge’s structural elements are sound, but minor deterioration has occurred to the bridge’s deck, substructure or superstructure. The remaining 23 percent (588 of 2,551) of the area’s bridges are rated in good condition.

Statewide, ten percent (1,757 of 17,521) of bridges are rated poor/structurally deficient, while 53 percent are rated in fair condition and the remaining 37 percent are in good condition.

4 Deteriorated bridges can have a significant impact on daily life. Restrictions on vehicle weight may cause many vehicles – especially emergency vehicles, commercial trucks, school buses and farm equipment – to use alternate routes to avoid weight-restricted bridges. Redirected trips also lengthen travel time, waste fuel and reduce the efficiency of the local economy.

Each major component of a bridge is rated on a scale of zero to nine, with a score of four or below indicating poor condition. If a bridge receives a rating of four or below for its deck, substructure or superstructure, it is rated as poor/structurally deficient.

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