Sunken boat spills fluids into Catskill Creek

Sunken Boat on Catskill Creek – Greene County

On Aug. 23, ECOs Anthony Glorioso and Mike Arp were on boat patrol on the Catskill Creek and the Hudson River when they were notified by a marina owner that he noticed an oil sheen in the water around boats at his docks.

The officers followed the sheen up the creek about .25 mile, and located a vessel tied to a dock approximately 90 percent submerged. The boat was leaking fluids, sending a bright, multi-colored sheen down Catskill Creek. 

The officers requested assistance from DEC’s Spill Response unit and worked together to contain the spill to the area immediately around the vessel. 

The boat sank as a result of rain water coupled with a failed bilge pump and was removed from the creek later that night. 

DEC encourages boat owners to check on their boats frequently to ensure everything is in working order. The boat owner is responsible for water pollution cleanup and vessel removal in these types of incidents. 

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