Pavement at Greenport roundabout being torn up

NYS department of transportation announced Monday, that night-time road work would be taking place in the area of the Greenport roundabout, and that there would be some detours.

In their press release, which we posted, it did not say what type of work would be done.

As motorists found out last night, and this morning, road crews were removing the pavement that was put down last fall. We're not sure exactly why this is being done.

We reached out today to several people at State DOT, but were not able to get an answer to our questions. If they do answer, we will pass that on.

Motorists going through the area may have noticed that the one year old "Work Zone" and special speed limit signs were never taken down. So, there is a chance that this may have been planned.

Thank you Tiffany Bower Johnson for the pic

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