Reward offered in Fish and Game Club vandalism

A reward is being offered, in the case of vandalism at Earlton Fish & Game Club

Details: RECON Defense is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest & conviction of the individuals responsible for this and the ongoing vandalism / theft from our communities club. Repair & replacement funds could be helping vets/ youth programs in our community- lets end this dishonorable behavior Earlton Fish and Game Club

More information here:[0]=68.ARAPhOb_uBwdFfa9xK8rKWaNIiCUJ3XzHxC9ktGvcCzrCjGaoqOKaGy1DRMcTPhl7W6olTVrIOoD2vFHnyjRPdQ738lBKWozY8YbgF1ol1zF302zwSADiRgSZAWoJfGsQkUgXohHNs5PTzUyHsGF335WLbSTLjfTaX4NSJpUi9IayGxjEhjpbog7hQxifZit4t4I73ko5kutVpzAmA


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