Abused Horse continues to recover, Humane Society looking for public's help

For Immediate Release

Halcott, NY

The Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA (CGHS/SPCA) is asking for donations to help a horse named Skye that was seized by the Greene County Sheriff’s Department and CGHS/SPCA on July 21, 2019.

Skye was allegedly abandoned in a barn, without food or water, for an extended period of time during the hottest stretch of the year. She was found emaciated and dehydrated, had two serious injuries on her rear legs. One of these wounds had gone untreated for so long that it had grown to the size of a basketball.

Upon veterinary examination, Skye was given a body condition score of 1.5 (1 being emaciated and 9 being obese). “It’s amazing that Skye survived this hot weather period, considering the average horse will drink ten to twenty gallons of water each day. Her survival demonstrates what a fighter she is. She has an incredible will to live,” said CGHS/SPCA President/Cruelty Investigator Ron Perez.

Skye was transferred to a foster home, arranged through CGHS/SPCA, where she’s been under the care of an equine veterinarian. It is expected that Skye will make a full recovery; however, she will need to undergo surgery for her injuries. The surgery and post-surgery follow-up costs are estimated at $3,000 to $4,000. CGHS/SPCA is asking the public to consider contributing toward Skye’s situation since these unexpected emergency veterinary fees will press the budget of the shelter, which subsists primarily on donations.

William Hrazanek, 73, of Hog Mountain Road, Fleischmanns, NY in Delaware County, was arrested by the Greene County Sheriff’s Office and charged under NYS Agriculture and Market Law Article 26 (Cruelty to Animals), Section 353. Animal Cruelty is a class A misdemeanor, and if convicted, Mr. Hrazanek could face up to a year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.

“We would like to commend the Greene County Sheriff’s Office for the outstanding job in their investigation of this cruelty complaint. Due to their quick response, we believe the Sheriff’s Office saved Skye’s life. She likely wouldn’t have lasted another day without water,” said Perez.

To give toward Skye’s needs, donations can be mailed to CGHS/SPCA, 111 Humane Society Road, Hudson, NY, 12534, Attn: Skye, or sent online via the shelter’s website,cghs.org

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