Benefit tonight for local woman waiting for kidney transplant

Benefit tonight for Jessica Juarez, who is awaiting a kidney transplant.

It will take place at Yianni's Restaurant at the Chatham House, 29 Hudson Avenue from 5:30 to 7:30.

It is open to everyone that wants to help.

Here are more details from their Facebook page:

pasta night with your choice of meat balls or chicken parm!! Money from your meal will be donated to Jessica's Kidney Transplant Journey. We will also be having a Chinese raffle, with many items to pick, all the money for the raffle will be donated to Jessica’s fundraiser as well.

Jessica is the sister to one of our very own waitresses, Ginny.

Jessica became sick with strep throat and Scarlett fever, which shut down her kidneys. Jessica became pregnant with a little girl so in turn, what would have been a temporary shut down of her kidneys ended up with her being on dialysis 7 days a week, living in the hospital during her entire pregnancy.

After her daughter was born, at full term, healthy and chunky, they were hoping to end dialysis, her numbers again went high having her do 2 days a week of dialysis in Albany, an hour away from home.

Jessica now is on 3 days due to the numbers again.

long story short, Jessica is approved for a transplant!!!

Let's try our best to help this mama of 2!!

Since she and her donor will be out of work (meanwhile Jessica is unable to work, due to dialysis and being sick), we're hoping to raise some money to have them both comfortable and financially covered in their time of recovery!!

Any help is appreciated !!! Thank you in advance!

UPDATE: There will be cookies and brownies, the meal cost is $20 per person, includes iced tea, bread and butter, salad bar and your choice between meat balls and chicken parm. We will be taking reservations so you can private message us on here or give a call!! Walk- ins are more than welcome.

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