Still looking for East Chatham dogs

Please call 518-821-3384 with any information

141 days and not one goes by that we aren’t still searching for you. Everything around us reminds us of you. Often I find myself imagining your reactions to things that happen at home. I still feel you both as if you are right here. Yes, I miss two dogs hogging the king size bed; Zoey’s incessant ‘under the blankets’ ‘on the blankets’ no, under the blankets...

On March 2 Diesel and Zoey were last seen near their property in East Chatham NY(Columbia County) very near the MA border. We have posted signs, notified all agencies, made numerous phone calls and sent dozens of faxes and emails to rescues, agencies, vet clinics..etc

I’ve learned many things about all the stuff were told to do as good dog owners- licenses, chips, tags... it’s all pretty much useless unless your kids come into the hands of honest people. 

I still feel the majority of folks they may have come in contact with would be good people, and I hope they are. But please I beg you, if you’ve gotten a new dog recently- rescued, adopted or found- Dalmatian male, intact, or Blue-tick hound female, spayed- please check with any and all resources before claiming them as your own. Any dog found or rescued for that matter! Please check extensively. You know those well behaved adult pets adopted or handed out have been raised by someone- someone who misses them; someone who’s heart has been ripped out; someone who’d give ANYTHING to have their family back again.

Diesel will miss his first Columbia County Fire Service Convention Parade in his life this coming weekend.... and my mind will think of nothing else. Zoey is missing every beloved day swimming and playing with her pet mom too..

Please help us bring our babies back home.

We will never give up.

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