Local woman looking for help with a kidney transplant

Here is Jessica's story:

My name is Jessica. I'm a mother of 2. A 9 year old boy and an almost 3 year old girl. In the end of 2015 right before I got pregnant with my daughter, I had really bad strep throat and even scarlet fever.

That in turn shut down my kidneys for what would have been a temporary time had I not gotten pregnant around the same time. I spent all of my pregnancy on dialysis every single day. I had my daughter August 1st 2016, full term which none of the doctors expected, and she was perfectly healthy and even fat LOL. My numbers seem to get better and they thought I would come off of dialysis but they gradually got worse.

I went from three years doing two days a week dialysis, to now 3 days a week. I spend Monday Wednesday and Friday nights in a dialysis chair, that I travel an hour and 10 minutes to each way. That's three evenings a week I'm away from my children, not to mention all the pain and stress that I go through every single day.

The doctors don't really want me to work, but I've managed to be able to squeeze in one shift a week. That's one day a week I get to feel like a normal human being. I'm sick on dialysis days from the dialysis, and then I'm sick on the opposite days from needing dialysis. So I'm in a lose-lose situation. And now my numbers are getting worse.

I've traveled to Syracuse where, after doing a bunch of tests, they've decided to put me on their transplant list! I still have a few more tests to go before I'm actually activated, but most of the hard work is done and everything I need to do is scheduled! The way it looks I should be ready to receive a kidney as early as August or September!

While my husband and I are trying to save for our finances while I get ready to receive this kidney, it is a little hard. While I have worked all of my life, sometimes two jobs at a time, social security thought that, even with me having two young children, I am only entitled to less than $500 a month in disability and social services, despite me having two small children, has decided that I am not eligible for food stamps or any other type of assistance.

So while we are managing to pay all of our bills, it's a little hard to be able to put a lot away. I really need somebody to give me their kidney, and while of course you can't buy somebody's kidney, I would love to be able to help my future donor with travel expenses and etc, while also helping my family stay afloat while I am out of commission. Any little help counts and every share is worth a million to me.

Thank you and for any more information feel free to contact me. Thank you for everything you do, much love and blessings.

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