Circumstances lead Hudson Church to get 1600 pounds of chicken

Great story, from Hudson Police:

Cops Close Crazy Capon Caper

On Tuesday HPD received an unusual phone call from a national trucking firm in Lincoln, Nebraska. The company had a tractor trailer traveling through our area overladen with 1600 pounds of chicken.

The supermarket was not willing to take on the extra inventory. “Jamie” a manager from the Shaffer Trucking Company was in a dilemma…what to do with ¾ ton of frozen chickens? As fate would have it, a member of the Rock Solid Church happened to be in the police station, overheard the discussion, and mentioned that their church had just acquired a large walk-in freezer for their food pantry/regional food bank


With very little effort HPD connected Jamie in Nebraska, to the truck driver Bruce Hill from North Carolina, to Pastors Jaron Halstead and Chris Romano from the Rock Solid Church on Union Street. Everyone converged at the church and the chicken was put on ice.

Many thanks to the Shaffer Trucking Company for finding us and getting the OK for the donation. We made a new friend in long distance truck driver Bruce Hill. Special thanks to Matt Shook and Nate Stoddard from our DPW who volunteered to off load all that chicken. 1600 pounds of chicken should feed a lot of hungry people.

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