3 week old kitten rescued from certain death

A three week old kitten was saved Thursday, from under a dumpster in Athens. Here is the story, and the update from Animalkind:

Kitten covered in tar brought in today from Athens, NY. Found stuck under a dumpster-both back legs and head were both stuck in the gravel and tar!! The tiny baby is only 3 weeks and was literally caked in tar, not able to move- only cried. Our amazing staff went in overdrive to attend: fluids, heating pad and then 3 people worked for hours to get the tar off by bathing and cleaning. Lets all hope the tiny fighter will pull through

UPDATE on the Tar-Kitten "Lucky" We named her Lucky since she made it through the night! When we cleaned her today (still needs cleaning a lot, but we take breaks so she is not too stressed out). Thank you all for cheering for her and donated towards her care and all the other in need here at AnimalKind! She is still not out of the woods, but we are all hopeful.

Animalkind needs your help, you can donate here: https://www.facebook.com/AnimalkindNY/

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