After 3 months, family still looking for their dogs

90 days. Today marks 90 days that our babies have been gone. March 2, from Red Rock NY...Diesel the 3y, unneutered male dalmation with collar, tag and microchip; and Zoey the 2y female, spayed, blue tick hound withe green collar, no tag and no chip. In those 90 days we've searched, called, posted and searched some more. We've enlisted countless groups to help us - Pawboost, LostDogs of NY, MA, VT, firefighters, Columbia County Sheriff's, NYSP and so many more. We've heard from neighbors, friends, family and strangers. We've talked to communicators, mediums, and prayed. Although we've had calls, we've had NO confirmed sightings.

Through all of this, we've never lost hope! We've never given up and we've never stopped looking. We feel in our bones, deep within us, the pups are somewhere still and still together. It's simply going to take one view from the right person, one call from someone, one picture to confirm them and they'll be back home. We thank everyone who watches and looks and is ready with cell phone in hand to snap of picture. Someday, we hope soon, it will be them. With another weekend on the horizon, our hearts are filled with hope!

I ask everyone who follows this page; who stumbles on this page; please please keep sharing!! I ask you to change your profile pic to Diesel and Zoey for just this weekend!! Share Share and Share!!! The more eyes looking and aware, the sooner we'll get them home. And then with this following, find MORE babies still out there missing!!

anyone with information please go here:

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