Incident in Hudson Sunday involved bounty hunters, a fugitive, & knife

NOTE, although the picture above includes a shot of the Halfmoon, None of this activity took place at that establishment. The picture is meant to just show the corner of Front and Allen Streets.

A bizarre incident Sunday night in Hudson involved a fugitive from Tennessee, three female bounty hunters, a knife, and lots of area police.

Hudson Police Chief Edward Moore tells us, they got a call of a man in the area of Allen and Front Streets, covered in blood, and threatening three women with a knife.

Backup from The Columbia County Sheriff's Office and State Police also responded.

Turns out the three women were bounty hunters, who were after this man, who is wanted on weapon's charges in Tennessee.

What was thought was blood turned out to be powder, from some sort of pepper spray bomb that was set off on the man. The women also had a dog that they threatened to turn on the man.

Hudson Police took the man into custody, and he is currently being held on bail, in a holding cell at the police station.

Chief Moore says he will provide more information on Tuesday.

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