Life saving medical kits coming to area schools


Columbia County Sheriff David P. Bartlett announces that he will be providing “Stop the Bleed” kits for local schools in Columbia County. Seized money from drug dealers is being allocated to fund these kits and there will be no cost to the taxpayers.

“Stop the Bleed” is a nationwide effort to educate bystanders on life-saving techniques and empower them to act quickly by applying a pressure or tourniquet application during an active bleeding situation.

Sheriff Bartlett says, “It’s very, very important to get these kits to a traumatic injury right away to stop the bleeding until EMS or other first responders get there.”

Each box purchased contains eight kits, which includes gloves, infused gauze, and a tourniquet. The cost for each box is approximately $700.

“I was able to purchase these kits with drug asset seizure money. The money is turned over to the Sheriff’s Office and federal guidelines are followed. This didn’t cost the taxpayers a dime. This money came from the bad guys and we were able to put it into the schools,” Sheriff Bartlett explains.

The Sheriff’s goal is to have every school resource deputy trained as a trainer, so the school will have this trainer at their disposal to train whoever they see fit. Currently, Deputies are completing their certification training.

“This is a life-saving skill that is important for our teachers and staff to learn. A few minutes can make a huge difference in the case of an emergency and we want to be well prepared to give our students every chance possible,” Ichabod Crane Acting Superintendent Suzanne

Guntlow said. “This is another example of our great partnership with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.”

In addition to the school districts, the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is working with the Columbia County Health Department, Questar, and Albany Medical Center.

On today’s date, Sheriff Bartlett delivered and handed out “Stop the Bleed” kits to the Ichabod Crane Central School District.

Photo L-R: Sheriff David Bartlett, Acting Superintendent Suzanne Guntlow, School Resource Deputy Toby VanAlstyne.

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