Jail protesters pack G.C. Legislature meeting, rescind vote not held

Protesters against a Greene County Jail packed tonight's Greene County Legislature meeting in Catskill.

What was scheduled to be voted on, a rescind of the measure that passed last fall authorizing the jail to be built, did not happen.

Legislator Bulich changed his mind on a rescind, instead, asking for a vote to delay construction until New York State could tell them whether or not the state plans to change a law that would allow counties to build a shared jail.

It was discussed that the county had already invested millions of dollars in the planned jail, and millions more would be lost, if the current contracts were cancelled.

Protesters, at times became very loud when they were unhappy with some of the answers they were given.

They were told that there is only a window of two weeks before major decisions have to be made, and construction on the planned jail can begin.

As things turned out, Greene County has two weeks to get written commitments from the State Assembly, Senate, and Governor, that the law will be changed to allow counties to share a jail.

Legislators will meet again before the end of the month to make a final decision, however no date has been set.

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