More rape charges for Hudson man

From Hudson Police:

Press Release

Additional Rape 1st Charges

On May 10, 2019, the Hudson Police department arrested 36 year old Jamel D. Brandow of Hudson for Rape 1st degree charges (child less than 11 years old) a class B felony (4 separate Counts). It is important to note that these charges are independent, unrelated and additional to the earlier reported Rape 1st charges that Brandow was arrested for earlier this week by the Hudson City Police Department.

The victim, now 20 years old, saw the article on Brandow and came forward to HPD this week to report that when she was between the ages of 8 and 9 years of age she was also Raped by Brandow. The victim stated that it happened at least four different times when she was a child for an extended period of time between 2007 an 2008.

An Arrest Warrant for Rape 1st Degree (4 counts) was signed and issued by the Hudson City Court Judge, Judge Herman. On today’s date, Brandow was arrested and arraigned. Brandow was remanded back to the Columbia County Jail.

The Columbia County District Attorney’s office, Columbia County Child Protective Division, The Child advocacy Center (CAC), and the New York State Police assisted in this investigation.

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