Hudson Police & U.S. Marshals raid Columbia Street residence

Press Release

HPD Joint Investigation w/ US Marshals

On Friday, May 10, 2019 the Hudson Police Department conducted a joint felony investigation with the United States Marshals (Southern Division) and the New York/New Jersey Fugitive Felony Task Force. HPD assisted the US Marshalls and the Task Force with locating a wanted subject, 23 year old, Leon Smalls of Bronx New York. Leon Smalls, an alleged gang member, was wanted by the United States Government for Federal Felony “Rico” /Racketeering charges.

HPD and the US Marshals responded early this morning to 227 Columbia Street. Smalls was located there and apprehended without further incident. He was turned over to the US Marshals and remains in their custody.

The City of Hudson Detectives Division applied for a Search Warrant for the residence. HPD officers are conducting a search now, where a quantity of crack cocaine and money has been secured.

Also arrested at the scene was 24 year old Trevor Warner of Bronx, New York. He has been arrested for Criminal Possession of a controlled substance.

This case is still under active investigation, and more information will be provided….

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