Officers Seize Synthetic Marijuana at Greene Correctional Facility

Officers Seize Synthetic Marijuana at Greene Correctional Facility

Suboxone Also Found in Mailed Package to Inmate   

April 16, 2019 For Immediate Release Coxsackie, NY –

Officers assigned to the package room at Greene Correctional Facility found over a half pound of Synthetic Marijuana, commonly known as K2, in a package mailed to an inmate incarcerated at the medium security prison.  

On Thursday , April 11, 2019,  the facility received a package for an inmate.  Officers in the package room became suspicious of several cans of food in the package.  Eight cans were opened and officers found 16 balloons that contained a green leafy substance.  The substance tested positive for Synthetic Marijuana.  They also found 8 milligrams of Suboxone strips.   The contraband was placed into evidence.  The inmate faces disciplinary charges and an investigation into who mailed the package and from what location is underway.  

“This is the second sizable seizure of Synthetic Marijuana in less than a month. Officers at Green Haven Correctional Facility found over a pound of K2 in a mailed package at the end of March and now we have a similar situation at Greene.   

Despite the efforts of our members, not all contraband can be discovered.  This is another prime example of why a Secure Vendor program is needed in each facility.  It would significantly decrease the amount of contraband that makes its way into facilities, yet DOCCS has yet to implement the program despite the historic levels of contraband that are being seized every day.    

There is simply no legitimate reason to not have a vendor program that will be secure and create a safer work environment for our members.  Until the state takes the necessary steps to change their policies, contraband will continue to be problematic. “ stated Michael Mazzella, Mid‐Hudson Region Vice President.


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