Local Sheriff's weigh in on mugshot ban

Following the Governor's announcement that he was banning police from releasing mugshots to the media, State Police caved immediately, and began last week putting out press releases without them.

Sheriff's across the state have begun to weigh in, and with Saratoga, Warren, & Washington Counties all saying they would continue to release them, we wanted to know what our local Sheriff's would do.

Monday we spoke with Columbia County Sheriff David Bartlett, who said he is standing with the other counties and WILL still be releasing them to the media. He feels the public's right to know outweighs what the Governor wants to do, protect the arrested.

This morning we communicated with Greene County Sheriff Greg Seeley who said he wants to read the law first, and speak with the other area Sheriff's before making a decision, however, it is more than likely that he will stick with the other area Sheriff's and release the mugshots to the media.

So, with this news, there will be less of this mug on our websites. The picture below is one we have been using in place of the mugshots for State Police arrests.

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