Two rescued dogs need help getting back to United States

Help Dotti and Max to their forever home in US

"Max" is a small breed dog, rescued in Costa Rica (Cabuya) from the streets, when he was found emaciated and with a bad skin issue. "Dotti" also was a street dog, neglected, starving with deformed front paws-she had no chance for a loving home. I want to bring BOTH dogs to the safety of AnimalKind to find forever homes for these sweet souls (they are both great with cats/kittens, dogs and kids!!) Unfortunately, the cost per dog flying them from San Jose to Newark is $ 1,000 ( $ 710-cargo, $ 100 health certificate and $ 200 pet agent (required). Max and Dotti need YOR help to get a second chance for life!!! Please donate to toward their travel so they don't have to be street dogs again where their fate is uncertain. Once they are in the US and recovered-they will also be up for adoption-IF I CAN RAISE THE FUNDS. PLEASE HELP.

You can donate here:


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