Two new scams involve Central Hudson customers

Two new phone scams are targeting customers of Central Hudson:

The first, from the Greene County Sheriff's Office:

Please beware of a scam going on locally regarding Central Hudson- the phone number 1-845-481-7441 will show up and the person will state Central Hudson wants to offer them the opportunity to install an energy efficient device in their home.

The caller attempts to pressure the person into making a decision by telling them representatives will be in the area and they should be expected to stop by. If you say no and asked to be removed from the call list they hang up. If the number is called back it just continues to ring. We do not have any businesses or persons associated with that number. Please spread the word!

The second, from the Columbia County Sheriff's Office:

We received this from a viewer yesterday. Always remember, if an organization is calling you and asking for money-grams, gift cards etc, it probably is a scam. The best thing to do is contact the business and ask about the call. You can also call your local police. Unfortunately, most of these calls come from other countries.

"Sheriff. We experienced an attempted scam on Saturday. My daughter was working and received a call from central HUDSON she needed to go to CVS and get a money-gram and call them back or our power at our Catskill office would be disconnected. I called Central HUDSON in Poughkeepsie and was told this was a scam."

The number she was told to call back was 1 (844) 344-5033. Select billing and ask for Jerry Nolan. I did call the number and questioned this scam. They hung up but called me back from +84 54522000 in Vietnam

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