Two lost dogs in Chatham

Two dogs were lost on Thursday morning in Chatham. Nelson and O'Ryan walked away from their home on Rod and Gun Club Road, off Route 295 around 9am. 

This report from their owner:

Our Nelson and O'Ryan are missing :( They were let out this morning at around 9am and never came back. We live on just about 27 acres, and they usually go out and come right back, this time they didn't. 

We live on Rod and Gun Club Road right off of route 295 in Chatham. Our property goes right up to the Taconic Parkway. We have checked all areas plus our own land. 

If anyone sees them please call us at 845-701-0161. O'Ryan is a German Shorthaired Pointer and Nelson is a mini Dachshund. O'Ryan will go with anyone and jump into anyone's car, Nelson is a little more reserved and yippy. For the most part they stick together.


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