Top Local News For Columbia Greene Counties

Top Local News For Columbia Greene Counties

Top Local News For Columbia Greene Counties


County picks Biden; Delgado looks to have held House seat

GHENT—The counting continues. For now all results from the 2020 General Election in Columbia County, not to mention most of the rest of the United States, are unofficial.

Vice President Joe Biden received more votes that President Donald Trump in the county, according to the Columbia County Board of Elections website

Statewide, New York voters went for Mr. Biden and his runningmate, Senator Kamala Harris.

First term Congressman Antonio Delgado, a Dutchess County Democrat, won the in-person vote in the race for the seat in the House of Representatives from the 19thDistrict. He appears to have turned back a challenge from Republican Kyle Van De Water, who also lives in Dutchess County. The 19thDistrict includes all of Columbia County and all or parts of 10 other counties in the mid-Hudson and Catskills region.

The vote tallies that are listed below include total votes cast on Election Day, November 3 plus the the votes cast in early in-person voting, which began October 24. No absentee votes are included in the results. This year absentee ballots were sent to every voter so people could vote remotely and submit the ballot by mail in an effort to avoid spreading the Coronavirus. Absentee ballots can and do affect the outcome of some close races.

Locally all four incumbent state lawmakers whose districts include communities in Columbia County won reelection. There were also contested races in the towns of Copake, Hillsdale and Kinderhook.

Copake Council

Jeffrey Judd (D) 649

Andrew Fisher (R) 721

Paulette Bonanno (WF) 76

Hillsdale Supervisor

Christian Kersten (D) 526

Robina Ward (HU) 357

Kinderhook Town Council

Melissa Miller (D/KU) 1,539

Debbie Johnson (R/I) 2,318

President(Columbia County)

Joseph Biden (D/WF) 14,148

Donald Trump (R/C) 12,883

Howie Hawkins (G) 127

Jo Jorgenson (LB) 293

Brock Pierce (I) 86

N.Y. House Dist. 19 (Columbia County)

Antonio Delgado (D/WF/S) 15,019

Kyle Van De Water (R/C) 11,470

Steven Greenfield (G) 151

Victoria Alexander (LB) 301

New York State Senator 43rd Dist.

Patrick Nelson (D/WF) 13,176

Daphne Jordan (R/C/I) 13,735

New York State Assembly 102nd Dist.

Betsy Kraat 710

Christopher Tague (R/C/I) 1,227

New York State Assembly 106th Dist.

Didi Barrett (D/WF/I) 8,401

Dean Michael (R/C/LB) 7,040

New York State Assembly 107th Dist.

Brittany Vogel (D/WF) 4,742

Jacob Ashby (R/C/I) 4,801

Charles Senrick (LB) 59

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