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Top Local News For Columbia Greene Counties

Top Local News For Columbia Greene Counties


Global Movement Gathers Momentum in the USA



Global Movement Gathers Momentum in the USA

8/29 Brings Synchronized Health & Freedom Rallies around the World

"The next protest in Berlin is scheduled for Saturday, August 29. I

understand that people elsewhere in Europe are organizing protests

as well. What about in the US? Will you join us?" "Yes we will."

­ A Friend in Germany to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

We the People of New York State, again invite all to join us at the

New York State Capitol in Albany, New York on Saturday, August 29th,

2020 at 9AM. We also encourage people in other states and regions to

peacefully assemble in support of health, freedom, justice, and the

inalienable rights of humanity and nature. Members of the New York and US

free­thinking communities have now joined forces with what has become a global

movement for health and freedom. Led by (amoung countless others) Robert F.

Kennedy Jr. and Del Bigtree in the USA, Ellie Grey in the UK, Senta

Depuydt in Belgium, Corvelva in Italy, and Michael Ballweg of the

Querdenken (Open Minded) Movement in Germany, people flooded New York,

London and Berlin on August 1st and 3rd by the hundreds and thousands. All

people, especially members of allied movements for human rights and justice,

members of the press, law enforcement, healthcare workers, members of the

Judiciary and legal profession, and members of the Legislative and Executive

branches are invited to participate in open air discussion of the present healthcare

and political crises.

We respectfully invite Governor Andrew Cuomo and those complying with

the current official orders to come hear well­informed, deeply researched, and

respectful if differing viewpoints. Suspiciously authoritarian global

emergency orders and a faulty, inhumane healthcare and police response

have led to widespread disapproval of political, business and cultural

leaders promoting a mandatory so­called "New Normal." We are concerned

the Governor's alliance with monopolist billionaires like Bill Gates and lawfully

convicted pharmaceutical corporations like Merck has compromised the safety and

rights of the people and state. The human rights abuses and pandemic profiteering

of Gates, Merck and their political associates like Anthony Fauci have now been

exposed globally through popular, press, and criminal investigations. Published

works such as Plandemic: Indoctornation, James Corbett's documentary

series on Bill Gates, and Vandana Shiva's book Oneness vs the 1% put the

scale of the injustice into clear focus. Citizens must now reflect on the

real and moral hazards of compliance, collaboration, and inaction.

References and supporting documents from ongoing legal cases will be provided to

the press and public at the event.

Who We Are: We are a group of peace­loving families and citizens professionally

active in sustainable agriculture, education, the arts, healthcare, governance,

business, and religion throughout New York and surrounding states. Not hearing

our point of view well­represented in the media and official institutions, we took

responsibility for our destiny. On August 29th we will bring forward our own

proposals for a realistic, free, and humane "New Normal." We will offer examples

of a better future for healthcare, education, the environment and the social order

of our common wealth. Some of these proposals are alive and forming. We invite

all to come see, hear, and share in the creation of a better world for all.

Location: Albany State Capitol ­ Academy Park

Time: Saturday, August 29th, 9AM until all have spoken

Contact: Columbia County Alliance for Freedom

Leland Lehrman | 518­672­4680 | rll@fund­

Kristin Buckbee | 518­407­9642 |

Erich Kress | 518­567­4123 |

Betsy Cashen |518­567­8953

Stuart Summer | 518­672­7302 |

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;

indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." ­ Margaret Mead

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