Top Local News For Columbia Greene Counties

Top Local News For Columbia Greene Counties

Top Local News For Columbia Greene Counties


Greene County contested races, winners

All of Greene County's numbers are in Here are the winners in contested races:

Sheriff- Pete Kusminsky

Athens town justice- Timothy Mercer

Athens Councilman- Michael Ragaini & Shannon Spinner

Athens Town Clerk- Linda Stacey

Cairo Supervisor- JohnCoyne

Cairo Councilman- Stephen Kralovich & Timothy Powers

Cairo Highway Supt.- Arthur Evans

Catskill Supervisor- TOO CLOSE TO CALL Doreen Davis & Dale Finch at 49% each

Catskill Councilman- Paul Vosburgh & Patrick McCulloch

Coxsackie Councilman- Linda Wilkenson & Michael Veeder

Durham Councilman- Joan Breslin & Scott Hulbert

Hunter Councilman- David Kukie & Raymond Legg

Hunter Highway Supt. - John Farrell

Jewett Councilman- Carol Muth, second seat too close to call Marianne Romilo & Michael McCrary

Lexington Councilman- Bennett Wine & William Pushman

Lexington Highway Supt.- Frank Hermance

New Baltimore Councilman- Charles Irving & William Boehlke

Prattsville Supervisor- Kristin Tompkins

Prattsville Councilman- Bonita Chase. Second seat too close to call Crystal Cornell & Joyce Peckham

Prattsville Tax Collector- Carole Cangelosi

Windham Supervisor- Nicholas Bove

Windham Councilman- Natasha Shuster & Kurt Goettsche

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