The time I sent my mom a half-fake plant arrangement for #MothersDay...

The road to hell is paved with.... what again?

Mother's Day. The day to pamper mom with flowers, gifts, dinner, cards, sleep... whatever. Now, normally, I send flowers, but this year, I wanted to send mom something which would outlast flowers... which don't always live that long after they're gifted. And so, I called a Corpus Christi, Texas florist - in my family's hometown - so as to make sure I talked to someone in the city - who could hear my vision and deliver it to my mom.

I said, "I want something which will last. Something in the plant-meets-succulent vein," to the florist and designer who enthusiastically let me know she had JUST THE THING for me and that I'd love what they created. Because I sent the order in on Friday, I had to live with something called "Designer's Choice..." which to me means a designer will do what they do best: design.

Well... they designed a basked. And you can see it here. It looks great, right?

Well, it's half FAKE plants. Fake foliage. Half are real. Half are fake. But I can say the CASH I spent was 100 percent real...

Anyway, I think mom loved 'em. I think.

What do you think? Should I be mad? Let it go? Just chill and let it be?


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