#FAMILY: Woman writes 'KNOW YOUR WIFE' guide for HUBBY of 20 YEARS!

HT: Kidspot

After 20 years of her husband asking her the same questions over and over again, one woman decided to do something about it. Instead of just complaining to a friend or seething in silence, Natalie came up with a clever solution that she shared in a TikTok video.“Time to make a book, I decided to call it ‘Know Your F-ing Wife,” she explains. “All the information you need to make decisions without asking your wife the same f-ing questions forever and ever and ever.”

In the clip, Natalie says her husband still can’t remember what she likes on her pizza or what shoe size she wears or the name of some of her family members. “That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love me, his brain just doesn’t work that way,” she says, adding that he does lots of things to show me that he loves me.”She filled the book with categories that all begin with “F” since she says she’s his “F-ing” wife. There’s a “Food” section, that includes her favorite pizza toppings and some menus from her favorite takeout spots and a “Foot” section with her shoe size and a cut-out of her foot so he can see if shoes would fit. She also has “Family,” “Favorites,” and “Fun” categories and she asks viewers for more “F” words she should include.

TikTokers seem to love the book idea, the video has gone viral with more than 4-million views. Many users have offered up their suggestions for other categories for her to add, including “Fears” and “Finances.” But one of the best comments was from a user who writes, “Ummm...we're missing the obvious F word here where preferences and likes REALLY matter.” But Natalie assures them, “he remarkably has NO memory problems in this category.” She wraps up her clip by saying, “Now his memory can stay free for important things like sports scores.”

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