#PARENTING: Mom names her kid after #WEED and people get all freaked out!

A mom on Instagram proudly posted a photo of her daughter’s first day of preschool and the girl’s name has Redditors rolling their eyes.

“Indikah’s first day at preschool today!” her post reads.

“Spread your wings baby girl, the world is a beautiful place to explore.” Someone spotted it and posted it to the sub-Reddit Trashy, calling the mama out for naming her kid after pot.

The Redditor writes, “Naming your child after a species of marijuana and tagging your favorite weed page in her first day of preschool picture.” And that’s because the mom’s post has “weed enthusiast’s page” tagged, so there’s no mistaking that her tot is indeed named after cannabis. Indica is a specific strain of marijuana, so even though the parent got creative with the spelling, that was still her daughter’s name sake.

As you can imagine, some people were offended by the name and many pity the girl for having it. “If you like weed that much then that’s great,” one user writes, “but why you gotta put this on your kid for the rest of their life?” And lots of Redditors commented with the names of people they knew who are named for alcohol or other things, like “Celexa”- which is an antidepressant. On the booze front, comments reveal there are no shortages of guys named Jack Daniels or girls named Tequila, some even go by “Keela” for short. And one person even works with another girl named after weed, “Sativa.”

HT: Reddit. Photos: Getty

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