Kitten Shower with the Ulster County SPCA

Ulster Country SPCA Website

On March 7th, the Ulster County SPCA is hosting their second annual Kitten Shower! With so much warm weather, we are expecting numerous litters of kittens. We need your help to care for all these new baby furballs of love! Please consider donating much-needed kitten supplies to make their first months of life happy, healthy and safe.

We will post information about in-person donations as we get closer to the date.

To buy specific items via Amazon, please see our Kitten Supplies Wish List.

Food Needs:

-Kitten Wet Food – Grain-Free Pate preferred

-Kitten Dry Food

-KMR Powder for Kittens

-Nursing Bottles for Baby Animals

-Hand Feeding Syringes

Litterbox Needs:

-Non-Clumping, Unscented Cat Litter

-Puppy Training Pads (we use them for kittens too)

-Hypoallergenic Pet Wipes

Other Needs:

-Cat Toys!

-Petroleum Jelly

-Digital Pet Scale for Small Kittens

-Pet Bed with Microwave Heating Pad

-A Foldable Pet Playpen